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Quinta Ribeiro da Vila

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Who We Are

Lima’s Wine Douro is a fam­ily owned com­pany based in Car­razeda de Ansiães, Por­tu­gal. He was born with that ambi­tion that char­ac­ter­izes the peo­ple of the Douro region. We want to pro­duce a wine with unique fea­tures, since the grapes to the fab­u­lous nec­tar that lies inside. We take care of every detail, from prun­ing to date of bot­tling the wine.

Quinta Ribeiro da Vila

In 1985, fas­ci­nated by the Douro Val­ley, José Miguel Lima acquired in the Quinta Ribeiro da Vila in Coleja. Has a big dream, pro­duce high-​quality grapes for for­ti­fied wine. After 20 years of hard work and pas­sion, a new chal­lenge, pro­duce red wine for per­sonal con­sump­tion. The results of this excit­ing expe­ri­ence, have resulted in har­vests that have improved their qual­ity, year after year. The fam­ily, encour­aged by faith­ful friends, appre­ci­a­tors of your wine, cre­ated this new brand of excel­lence. Think­ing of you, we believe in this serene tast­ing, will give you enor­mous spir­i­tual pleasure.

Douro Region

On the slopes of the Douro Val­ley, shel­tered from the humid winds by the Marão and Mon­te­muro moun­tains, these world famous wines were born. With its smooth del­i­cate flavour, Port Wine is for­ti­fied with Aguardente Vínica (alco­hol dis­tilled from wine) and it delights the taste buds of all those who visit the region. How­ever, it is not the only attrac­tion, the Douro table wines have also grown in pop­u­lar­ity over the last few years. The hot dry sum­mers, harsh win­ters and the schis­tic and gran­ite soils that force the roots to reach great depths all play a role in pro­duc­ing excel­lent qual­ity grapes.
The Douro Demar­cated Region was estab­lished in the reign of D. Jose I (17141777), by his Prime Min­is­ter and future Duke of Pom­bal, Sebastião José de Car­valho e Melo (16991782), by the Act of 1756, when he also estab­lished the Gen­eral Com­pany of Agri­cul­ture of the Wines of the Upper Douro was estab­lished, and in the years that fol­lowed, this insti­tu­tion defined the bor­ders and the reg­u­la­tions for the wine-​producing region, known as the Feito­ria. The Douro Val­ley can thus be con­sid­ered the first demar­cated region in the world with such con­trol and rigor. The bor­ders of the region were extended over the years, but its char­ac­ter never strayed from its true roots.
  • Revista de Vin­hos — Boa Com­pra

    Boa compa

    Carís­si­mos clientes e ami­gos, é com enorme prazer e orgulho que anun­ci­amos que a con­sagrada Revista de Vin­hos, anun­cia no vinho Quinta Ribeiro da Vila 2013 como uma nota de Boa Com­pra. Vis­item a nossa loja.

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  • Opinião dos Nos­sos Clientes


    É com orgulho que par­til­hamos a opinião de alguns clientes.

    Vinho fan­tás­tico! Do mel­hor que bebi até hoje do Douro. Parabéns aos pro­du­tores pelo car­inho e pela ded­i­cação que trans­mitem para este vinho. Con­tin­uem o exce­lente tra­balho!” — Quinta Ribeiro da Vila Reserva 2014

    Um Douro clás­sico, fruta ver­melha, tani­nos ainda pesentes mas sem serem agres­sivos. Um vinho para beber e com capaci­dade para esperar. Boa relação preço qual­i­dade.” - Quinta Ribeiro da Vila Reserva 2013

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    É com orgulho que dize­mos: Muito obri­gado pela preferencia

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